Benhall, Suffolk

Benhall ... No! Not Ben Hall the notorious Australian bushranger.
I am talking about Benhall the quiet Suffolk village with thatched cottages and old world charm. Visit 'Benhall, Suffolk' for a brief village insight and go to the 'Benhall Green photo gallery' to see the village, where even the school still has a thatched roof.

Our 2008 Llangollen Canal Holiday Cruise

Our cruise on the Llangollen Canal last year is the subject of a new Squidoo Lens, complete with photographs taken on that trip. You can see the Lens at

You might have followed our Llangollen Canal holiday last year, when we were with Will and Pamela Aslett on the narrowboat "Charlton". We featured it here on our holiday website and now we have added a couple of videos of our journey - we hope you will enjoy them.

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Can you make money Blogging? That's a question that a lot of people would like to have answered. My guess is that hundreds of bloggers would like to know the answer ... not counting all those who may be considering blogging as a source of income.

The Snake's Tale

The Snake's Tale

The Townsville Bulletin's headline read: Snake Man Fined - Road Rager threatened Woman with 'death adder'.

The article went on to say that in a road rage confrontation in Townsville in October, a man brandished a snake at a terrified woman driver and her children, claiming it was a death adder and she was going to die. The Townsville Magistrates Court heard this, when a 22 year old stonemason pleaded guilty to a charge of public nuisance and a second charge of the improper transportation of wildlife.

The Crocodile's Tale

Shortly after Jane and I arrived at peaceful Geoffrey Bay at Arcadia on Magnetic Island, I headed down to the beach to enjoy a swim in the calm, crystal clear sea in front of our old family holiday cottage. It was a hot afternoon, about 30 degrees celsius in the shade, and the water was cool, but not cold, and very refreshing. Jane sat on the beach while I waded into the water and lay back in the shallows, escaping the heat and enjoying a relaxing dip.

Continuing the Story

No sooner were we back from our wonderful UK holiday than we were heading to North Queensland to visit our daughters and grandchildren and other family members at Mackay, Townsville and Magnetic Island. Well, actually that's not quite true. We were back in Brisbane for about six weeks before we caught the Tilt Train to Mackay, but we had still not caught up with all the little jobs we needed to do in tidying up our UK holiday - we still had some thank-you letters to write, photos to send, bills to pay and so on.

Tracing Suffolk Roots - Our Journey

This is the day by day story of our journey through Great Britain as we search for information about our various ancestors. We invite you to come with us on our adventure.

To navigate through the pages of this book, first click on the heading 'Tracing Suffolk Roots', then just click on an individual chapter in the menu and follow the story through.

To see our photos, click on the 'Gallery' and then the relevant Chapter. In the Chapter 2 Gallery we have included a few old photos taken around Benhall for comparison. To see the full size photo just click on the thumbnail.

Home Again

Well here we are back again in sunny Brisbane. It's a week since we left London and now it's all just a memory, albeit a very good one. We managed to successfully trace many of our Suffolk and other ancestral roots, met many wonderful people - some of them related and some not - found out lots about our ancestors and perhaps now understand more fully where we have come from and why we are as we are.

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